Subject: committal commitment. (non-committal everything else).

Jasmine Oore <>

May 16, 2012, 8:33 PM

hey! does anyone have an old chuppah hanging out in your basement? can i borrow it?!

my dear friends,

my wonderful boyfriend, mathew (that’s what his dad calls him) / mathieu (his maman) / mat (lots of people) / mateo (his opa) / mattias (his omi) / mati (my parents) / matty-o (dougie) / maffew (my 3yr old nephew) / ma! ma! ma! (my 1 yr old niece) / m… i can’t decide… anyway, this great guy i’ve been dating and i are going to remove one sin from our life: we’re going to love-glue our legal little butts together! what are you doing saturday, july 28th, 2012? (in halifax!) do you want to come join the celebration? 

the party will, i think, include some kind of ceremony. almost for sure. it will likely be in the backyard, at least partially. unless it pours sideways rain. but we have a back up. i don’t know what time it’s going to start, but definitely not morning! (probably afternoon? late afternoon?). maybe we will eat shawarmas? we can talk about that later. the whole thing will likely be casual and messy, but fun, i’m pretty sure… i have a good feeling about music, and an excellent feeling about people-quality. i know this all sounds extremely structured and planned out, just like me, but rest assured, it is actually quite loose and non-committal. except that i am completely committed to committing to this commitment to mat..i..eo…!!

so more details to follow, at some point. i will eventually ask you for some, too. like chicken shawarma or falafel? that’s actually all i can think of at the moment.

if you know you can come, tell me! if you know you can’t come, tell me! if thinking about your future and schedules and what and where and being forced to decide about stuff two months in advance gives you stomach knots, don’t worry, you can delay this decision a little longer.

it would be wonderful to have fun with you. though you can’t see (because i b’cc’d you all), you are an amazing list of people.  


jasmine (and m.!)

ps  i don’t know what i’m going to wear, but it’s unlikely to be white, so you can all feel free to wear the whitest things you own. in fact, if any of you have gotten married (or not)  and have a white fancy dress in your closet that you never get to wear, you should do it! how great would that be? a backyard (or wherever) full of wedding-dressed ladies (and men)?!!? hahahaha. i’m serious. that would make me happy. 

pps maybe i will wear purple?! i don’t know. but nobody wear purple! just kidding. wear whatever you want. i might not wear purple.

ppps i am running out my door for a trip. i may have inadvertently left some important people off this list. if you’re talking to someone and mention this wedding, and they seem totally offended that they haven’t received an invite, please assure them that i have not yet sent to everyone, and email me their name, stat!!

wedding planning falls under my anti-skill set.

Jasmine Oore <>

Jul 21, 2012, 4:30 AM

hi weddingdongs!! (intended cutely, not vulgarly! weddingdongdings? maybe just needs to end on a ding, not a dong?)

you see how i get off track? so, i’m getting married in 10 days. and we still need to tell each other more things!

you tell me: 

1) are you coming? (if you’ve told me this already, don’t worry, i have a very elaborate tracking system that includes a quadruple folded sheet of paper that i’ve misplaced twice so far, and a list of some of your names in one of five messages i’ve started writing to myself in my draft email folder)

2) if you are coming, then hypothetically (but less hypothetically than last month), if you had to choose between a chicken shawarma or a vegetarian falafel, what would you choose? (for the glutards: we could — also hypothetically — give you the contents of a chicken shawarma/falafel, sans pita, ok?) 

i tell you: 

the schedule rundown…

saturday, july 28 (astrologically approved)

come to our backyards anytime between 4pm and 4:58pm, depending on your mingling needs. this will be one of many mingletunities. do what you need.

just be there by 5pm for the ceremony, if you want to be at the ceremony.

after ceremony, more mingly time (see?!), with bubbles in our glasses and snacks impeding our speech.

get to NSCAD for the party by 7, where we will have: 

– music (hey- if you want to sing/play us a song, great! let me know!) 

– beer, wine (if you work in higher percentages: shhhflaskshhhhinyourshhhhhpantsshhhh!) 

– lebanese sandwiches (nothing left to say on this, but everything else had a parenthesis)

– speeches/toasts (if you want to say something short, you’ll have the opportunity!) 

– the unknown and the unexpected (are those the same or different? this one is not parenthesis filler.. i really wondered after i typed)

what am i forgetting? i forget! email if you have any questions! i will email if i remember more things!