After pursuing a business degree to satisfy her immigrant parents, between cubicle jobs, Jasmine Oore began squeezing out some films. 

As an award-winning writer/director, Oore combines whimsy with quirky-truth-telling, and has a knack for narrative storytelling. There’s Been A Terrible Mistake features the cinematography of artist and filmmaker Andrea Dorfman, and Oore’s trademark ability to thread comedy and tragedy. She makes the unpalatable, palatable. “I try my best to tell stories in a way that is not whiny or complainy, and I attempt to do that by making them funny,” she says. “So far it feels like a combination of self-help, a way of processing challenging parts of my life, and a way of talking about things people don’t talk about enough.”

Jasmine Oore once hired someone to write her bio and was given back a series of her own quotations with the words quirky, whimsy 

Glamour Guts, starring Oore, won CBC’s Short Film Faceoff in 2009. In 2012, Oore won the Lindalee Tracey emerging filmmaker’s award at Toronto’s Hot Docs for her 

Much to her egoic relief, Jasmine Oore has had some external validation in the form of winning some

Jasmine Oore has won some stuff and lost some stuff. 

Oore has many gaps in her CV because

After 20 years of shitting 30 times a day, Jasmine Oore

Jasmine Oore is an expert shitter, thanks to Crohn’s Disease since the age of 14. However many surgeons and surgeries later, she shits a little less. Yes, it sidetracked her life, but her positive att

Jasmine Oore has been on disability

Jasmine Oore was in a horrible car

Jasmine Oore has overcome tragedy and disease

Jasmine Oore works really hard not to feel sorry

Jasmine Oore feels like she squandered 

In an attempt to overcome her deep insecu

Jasmine Oore is now married to a handsome, younger man with great hair and a great

Jasmine Oore’s nuclear family of 6 has 4 PhDs, an MD, and one stupid BComm. Guess who has the BComm. Please project some of her immediate family’s achievements and probable intellect onto her, just on the basis of genetic

Even Jasmine Oore’s friends are high achievers, so smart people like hanging out with

In Jasmine Oore’s opinion, her family placed way too much emphasis on academic

Jasmine Oore helps other people with their

Jasmine Oore finds bios to be uncomfortable exercises in pretending to 

Who even writes about themselves in third person and acts like someone else said

Jasmine Oore does a Jillian Michaels exercise DVD workout almost every day with her friend Alex in Montreal, over FaceTime. It’s a combo of strength, cardio, and abs, but she doesn’t push herself with the abs, what with all those intestinal surgeries… After 5 years of this, she has achieved average strength.

Jasmine Oore has several special skills, including writing other people’s delicate emails. If you are interested in having her craft a

Except for #1 and #5, both of which she’s working on in therapy, Jasmine Oore is actually well-poised to not suffer the “top 5 regrets of the dying” according to BuzzFeed:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

    Jasmine Oore’s therapist just died.

Bio from my old government job 2003:

Who am I? Good question. Not sure I know yet. I moved here from Halifax a year ago to find myself. Yes, in Ottawa. Yes, on the Intern Officer program. Perhaps not the obvious way to find one’s self, but I think it’s working. I mean,  look at me — I’m on the Internet now! (or is this the Intranet?) — not only have I found myself, but others (at least in Science and Professional Services Procurement Directorate) can find me too. So, now that you’ve done just that, I should actually say something about me. Ok: I’ve studied commerce and photography; I’ve worked in non-profit social work and private sector; I paint and make movies; and, I must say, PWGSC has the most paper I’ve ever encountered! Wow. Ironically, due to all the paper-touching, I’ve lost the ability to flip pages without licking my finger first. Not that you’d want to come witness the finger-licking but, as part of the standard bio, I’ll tell you that I can be found in cubicle 23 in 11C1. If I’m not here, chances are high I’m casually passing by cubicles 50-64 (aka: “the good food aisle”). And then, catch me back in the cube again, eating mini chocolate bars and crying about gaining weight…

Jasmine Oore would still like to apply her talents to achieve a couple of things. 

Jasmine Oore could be really good at voice work, but has no experie

Jasmine Oore is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, photographer and artist

Jasmine Oore is a filmmaker, writer, photog

Jasmine Oore is a writer,  filmmak

WTF is wrong with Jasmine Oore? What kind of writer can’t even write a fucking bio. Pull yourself together. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be great. It’s just a goddamn paragraph for a website that’s been sitting without content for months that maybe one person per.. three weeks(?) will read after you meet them at a party and they’re curious enough to google you for a split second because you gave some murky answers to “what do you do?”. 

Jasmine Oore can’t even write a fucking bio

Jasmine Oore is just a girl, standing in front of the internet

Jasmine Oore began squeezing out art in between cubicle walls and hospital curtains. Like most indie filmmakers at some point, her work has been described as “quirky,” “whimsical” and “truth-telling.” Her ego has enjoyed (and then crashed from) some external validation for her three completed films, including winning the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Short Film Faceoff, the Lindalee Tracey emerging filmmaker’s award at Toronto’s Hot Docs for her “strong sense of humour and social justice,” and best screenwriter at the Atlantic Film Festival. Otherwise, she has kept busy with stuff like bowel disease, self-sabotage, and going for therapy (to, for example, be better equipped to take on other people’s problems while resisting the urge to do so). She has written a pilot script for an episodic show about her therapist, and in keeping with the “holy shit Jasmine, why is your life a TV show?”, he just died. In other news, Jasmine has a forthcoming mockumentary project about an eccentric B&B operator, who believes he knows the difference between what people want and what they need, and is committed to giving his guests the latter.