August 30

My flat on Harris Street, off Agricola, is available, ideally September 1st (I know… I just got paralyzed by life, and by life, I mean taxes.. this is also why I have not written back to anyone about anything. I’m sorry). It’s got high ceilings, hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms (one big, one small), and an open kitchen so you can chat with your guests while pretending to be relaxed about cooking. The apartment is old in a good way, but also modern in a good way. The garden: amazing and huge! Under the fabulous dogwood, is a giant, beautiful cedar table that can easily seat 10, built by Mat this summer. That table took a lot of relationship capital, but you get to have magical outdoor dinners without the baggage! Make your salad from the spiciest arugula in the land! (It grows wild, from the seeds that were smuggled in from Italy by Dougie 15 years ago!). Cucumbers, nasturtiums and sweet peas climb the Eiffel tower and the leaning tower of Peas-a. Tons of almost-ripe tomatoes that I won’t get to enjoy, but you will! Cherries neither you nor I get to enjoy, because the birds do, and pears that no one gets to enjoy because in October they’ll still be kind of hard, and there are only four of them. Oh, and the grape vines! (though I just overpruned/killed one of them in a bout of poorly-channelled-nervous-energy expenditure). Otherwise, oh ya, I started to forget about the apartment itself: there’s a washer, a dryer, and a dishwasher. A dishwasher!! Good storage/closets. Unique architectural doodleedoos. Furnished in a minimalists-can-rejoice manner, but if you are not a minimalist, you can non-kon-mari it to taste. Previously was only available until July 1st, but that has just become flexible. Flexibility! One of my greatest assets/flaws! I will take photos and post them soon, but the light is not right to commit to image and I have to go back to my tax-induced suffering, which unfortunately, is not lessened by sitting in this fabulous apartment.